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Guided Coaching Principles

Be in a Relationship

We don't live or work alone. Our success is dependent on our ability to be in and create healthy & productive relationships that allow everyone to win and for needs to be met. These are built on trust, effective communication, honesty and emotional vulnerability.

Engage Communities

Adaptability & transformation

Intentional change

Intentional toward what's needed/desired

Evolve with purpose

Take Ownership

Taking action is not someone else's responsibility. Practicing ownership is integral to self-leadership, self-authoring, operating with agency. These are foundational to leadership, and their power is available to everyone, regardless of title.

Embrace Wholeness

We are not transactional. For organizations and teams, we commit to co-creating impactful L & D, culture & employee engagement initiatives that integrate with the vision and strategic objectives of the business. For individuals, we commit to working with the whole person aligning intellectual pursuits and actions to personal meaning and purpose.

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