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The future of work will be characterized by an evolution in human development and Guided is leading the way. Guided is the first company to make it easy to provide coaching as an employee benefit. We combine a team of highly vetted coaches with simple technology to provide a scalable and effective coaching solution. We have recently completed a seed round and already have a substantial corporate client base.


Our vision is a world where work is awesome for everyone.


Our mission is to transform the human work experience by democratizing access to great coaching.


Social impact is woven into what we do - for every employee coached we provide a group coaching experience to at-risk youth.

Company Culture

We are a virtual team that is dedicated to “walking the talk” around personal development and living our values: Courage, Ownership, Team, & Play. Working at Guided is not for the faint of heart. Feedback is continuous. Expectations are high. At the same time we support the sh*t out of each other, have fun and celebrate along the way. As a remote work environment we provide immense amounts of autonomy and freedom and employees to take pride and ownership in their work. We do not care so much about the ‘when’ or ‘where’ of your work :) We are thoughtful, not only about the quality of our work but also about how we treat each other and problem-solve. Our commitment to doing our best is matched by our commitment to having fun and enjoying the adventure of building a transformative company.

Position Overview

Guided is looking for a seasoned Director of Operations to scale our early-stage startup to the next level.  You’ll run the ship when it comes to executing on our founder’s vision.  This is not your first rodeo - you’ve likely been a founder, product manager, head of strategy and operations, or chief of staff before.  You’ve been part of an early-stage startup from the ground up before, and you know how to take an idea and transform it into reality.  You know your way around a marketing plan and can execute in short cycles and iterate. You’re practical, great at creating thorough structures and plans, wonderful at enrolling others to join you, and will carry it out with responsiveness, thoughtfulness, and a high degree of quality.  

This role is full-time and the ideal candidate will be based in the Denver/Boulder area with our CEO and CFO, with a high degree of remote work flexibility. 


  • Lead operations as we scale to the next level of growth.  You’ll identify the biggest growth opportunities, bottlenecks, and investments we’ll make -- and then create and execute a plan to get it done.

  • Keep the Guided team focused on top priorities.  Make sure we stay on track with what matters most while balancing a complex set of opportunities, challenges, and conversations. You are the drum beat of the organization. 

  • Lead product management for building a technology-enabled platform for our services in partnership with a highly-regarded technology consulting vendor.  Be the main internal contact for the vendor, collecting feedback and requirements across our team.

  • Lead operational excellence across the company, empowering the team with the resources, technology, and systems to do their work more efficiently, collaboratively, and seamlessly.

  • Partner with Sales, Coaching, and Customer Success on deepening our understanding of the competitive landscape and how to evolve and grow our product offerings.

  • Be a leader for our culture, whether it’s helping us bond as a remote team or being the event producer for our offsites each year.

  • Manage HR, vendors, and technology platforms, taking the lead on sourcing great solutions to run our internal infrastructure.

  • Drive recruiting efforts, making business cases for which hires happen when and what the ideal candidate looks like - and then leading the search for this hire.

  • Drive marketing strategy for 2020, creating compelling messaging and content to tell our story to the world through case studies, testimonials, web content, and more.

Skills, Qualifications, and Experience

  • At least 5+ years of early stage tech startup experience, ideally as a founder, product manager, chief of staff, marketing & operations or another strategic role.

  • Very strong project management skills.  You’ll be keeping our leadership team on track, as well as many projects. 

  • Excellent and proactive communicator who openly shares constructive feedback in real-time to anyone in organization.

  • Process ninja that can build, eliminate, standardize, and simplify systems and processes to help us scale and grow. 

  • Lean startup mindset with a piercing curiosity and interest in experimentation, running low-cost effective tests, and first principles problem solving.

  • High emotional intelligence: self-awareness, feedback skills, listening skills, growth mindset, and the ability to collaboratively problem solve.

  • Experience in marketing, particularly around brand storytelling and content creation. 

  • Experience leading teams and managing direct reports.

  • Nice to have: An understanding of coaching and the value it brings to people - ideally you’ve had a coach yourself or have even been a coach.


$50K-$100K with 0%-3% equity.  Compensation commensurate to skills and experience.

How To Apply

Please contact and include a brief note introducing yourself, your interest in the company, and any other information you would like us to know up front.

Director of Operations

We are looking for a top-notch Director of Operations to help Guided scale to the next level.

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