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Take a deep breath. We’re about to describe your calling. And no it’s not a “dream job” - because we aren’t looking for anyone that wants a “job”. We’re looking for a dynamic purpose-driven leader who wants to create systems change using transformation. You’re looking for the right people to collaborate with to bring your dreams for the world into reality - in a way that will impact millions.

What does Guided do? Guided is a scalable 1-1 coaching and group leadership development platform with a focus on teaching coaching skills. We believe the future of work will be characterized by employees thriving and moving to the center of business strategy. Guided will be there to lead the way.

Guided was founded in 2018 and has worked with organizations like VaynerMedia, DataRobot, and Chanel as well as many startups and smaller organizations. We’ve conducted thousands of coaching sessions and built a best-in-class coach team. We are an early-stage funded startup.

Our vision is to be the greatest transformative organization in the world and to guide the evolution of business into people, planet, and profit alignment. 

Our mission is to unleash the potential of at least a million people through the power of coaching. 

Who are we? The Guided team is a collection of entrepreneurs, corporate refugees, coaches and changemakers hellbent on unleashing the talent of humans and the soul of business. 

We are here to help leaders and their organizations to “be the guide, not the hero”.

This is your invitation to heed the call.

Company Culture

Our team is dedicated to “walking the talk” around personal development and living our values: Courage, Ownership, Team, & Play. 

Working at Guided is not for the faint of heart. Feedback is continuous. Expectations are high. At the same time we support the sh*t out of each other, have fun and celebrate along the way.

As a flexible work environment, there is immense autonomy, freedom, and space for employees to take pride and ownership in their work. We do not care so much about the ‘when’ or ‘where’ of your work :) Our commitment to doing our best is matched by our commitment to having fun and enjoying the adventure of building a transformative company.

Position Overview

This is not your first rodeo. You’ve been around the nexus of business and people transformation for a long time. You’ve likely been a successful entrepreneur in the past and can bring a business leader mindset to the Head of Coaching role.


You’ll be a fit for the role if you know what “teal” means and are familiar with spiral dynamics - but you also know how to talk to a CEO like an actual human who has sh*t to get done and immediate business problems to solve. 

As the Head of Coaching at Guided, you’ll be a bit like the headmaster at Hogwarts. You will be responsible for coaching/leadership product development (currently 1-1 + group coaching, coach skills training), content and service delivery and a key contributor to developing sales and marketing strategy. You aren’t responsible for running sales but you’ve never been afraid of a sales call. You know your way around a marketing and product plan and can execute in short cycles and iterate. You’re practical, great at creating thorough structures and plans, wonderful at enrolling others to join you, and will carry it out with responsiveness, thoughtfulness, and a high degree of quality.  

This role is full-time and the ideal candidate will be based in the Denver/Boulder area with our CEO, CFO, and VP of Marketing & Ops. There is a high degree of remote work flexibility. Exceptional candidates in other locations will be considered. 


  • Develop: stay on the cutting edge of coaching, leadership, people development, and human transformation. Translate that into thought leadership, Guided content and product iteration and development

  • Teach: as our leadership and transformation SME, you’ll join sales calls and create customized solutions tailored to our clients needs in collaboration with our sales lead and executive sponsors

  • Guide: we value our coach team and community as our greatest asset. You’ll be responsible for recruiting, cultivating, and empowering a best-in-class coach team that scales with our growth. This includes developing resources to support their ongoing development.

Skills, Qualifications, and Experience

  • Business builder and entrepreneurial background - ideally as a founder or c-suite exec

  • Trained and experienced coach (ICF not necessary)

  • Experienced developing and selling products and services

  • Comfortable with and excited to stay on the cutting edge - researching and constantly learning about techniques and methodologies in leadership, coaching, personal development, spiritual growth technologies, professional development and culture (integral, spiral dynamics, somatic experiencing)

  • Experience being part of an early-stage startup

  • Experienced working directly with c-suite executives

  • Excels at teaching and training coaching skills

  • Effective project management skills

  • Easy, clear and succinct written and verbal communication skills


  • “Burnt firewood” - you’ve been through the personal fire or dark night of the soul and you’ve also caught fire professionally - meaning you know what excellence looks like and are committed to it

  • Infinitely curious

  • Willing to make mistakes and spotlight vulnerabilities fast

  • Roll up your sleeves get shit done mentality 

  • Can “own the room” in a webinar, internal team meeting, or sales call with c-suite executives

  • Experience developing and/or creating marketing content - blogs, webinars, virtual training, etc.

  • Want to be part of something scalable that has systemic impact

  • Willing to travel up to 25% 

  • This is your f*cking dream job!


Compensation of cash and equity commensurate to skills and experience.

How To Apply

Please contact Spencer Jacobson, CEO at and include a brief note introducing yourself, your interest in the company, and any other information you would like us to know up front.

Guided Head of Coaching

We're looking for a proven leader that will help pioneer transformation in the workplace through the power of coaching. 

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