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Privacy Policy

Welcome to GUIDED by 1heart (“1heart,” “we,” “us” or “our”). We value your privacy. This Privacy Statement describes how 1heart will protect and handle the personal information that you provide to us through our web, mobile and related services.

Among other things, the 1heart Privacy Statement explains:

  • The information we request at registration on our GUIDED app “Service”. That we do not use or share your Personally Identifiable Information, other than as described in our Privacy Statement

  • How 1heart protects your privacy when using our free service

  • How we secure the information we collect by meeting or exceeding generally accepted industry standards


When you sign up for or use 1heart, you verify that you’ve read and agree to our Privacy Statement.


1heart takes your privacy very seriously.

When we say we care about your privacy, we mean it. Privacy policies are important documents, but many people don’t read them because they are long, confusing, and written in “legalese.”

We’ve designed our Privacy Statement with you in mind, creating links to the most common questions about the 1heart Service. Everything in written in plain, easy to understand language.

This Privacy Statement describes what information you can share with us, how that information is stored, how we use that information, and what information other members and doctors can see when they use the Service.


GUIDED by 1heart connects you with spiritual and life coaches, practitioners, answers, and tips, and even virtual consultations, all designed to help you on your personal growth path and live a happier, healthier life.

By helping you find relevant information from our experts or via content of leading practitioners around the globe, 1heart provides you with information to share to support your personal growth decisions.

1heart may provide you info to connect to virtual consults when you want to go deeper. 1heart the company does not recommend or vouch for any of the practitioners it may provide you information about or contact information on. It is up to you to ask questions and determine if the practitioner is right for you and meets your personal goal and standards.

Do not use 1heart in the event of an emergency or for emotional care or counseling.

By continuing to use 1heart, you agree to this Privacy Statement and any updates to it. This means that if the Privacy Statement changes, you agree to these changes if you keep using 1heart. When this policy is changed (other than for typographical corrections or minor changes that do not alter its meaning), we will update the “last modified” date at the top of the policy. We may provide a summary at the bottom of the policy, describing the types of changes made.

Privacy and Anonymity

Is 1heart anonymous?

Your Personally Identifiable Information (your real name, date of birth, email address and other such information) is not visible to other users. Your information may be visible to our experts who are communicating with you and answering your questions. Do not post personally identifiable information (such as your name) in your questions or other content visible to others.

Can others see the questions I have asked?

No. Your questions are viewable only to the experts on the 1heart team. The questions, without your Personally Identifiable Information (not your identity), may be made publicly visible so that other users may learn from your questions.


Are 1heart and 1heart Premium Services safe and secure?

Yes. 1heart and 1heart Premium Services use bank-level security and encryption. We meet HIPAA security standards for all interactions subject to HIPAA security regulations. We use a variety of technologies and procedures to help protect the security of your personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. 1heart also maintains standard physical and electronic procedural safeguards that limit access to your personal information to our employees (or people working on our behalf and under confidentiality agreements) who, through the course of standard business activities, need to access your personal information. 1heart is a Business Associate of health care professionals under the federal health care privacy and security law known as HIPAA. Your personal information will be stored in a secure manner. Full access to the Apps is enabled only by usernames and passwords. You are fully and solely responsible for any and all use of the Apps using your username and password. We reserve the right to revoke or deactivate your username and password at any time.

Personal Information

Your Personal Profile

What information can I store in my Profile?

Your Profile contains the information you provide when you create a GUIDED account, including your name, email address and age. You can add information to your Profile, based on information you share and questions you ask or answer along the way. You choose what health information you share through using the Guided service and this information will help personalize your experience and allow us to better answer your questions.

How is the information in my Profile used?

1heart uses your Profile information and your questions and answers to help you better understand, stay engaged with, and track your personal growth and to present you with personalized, relevant information.

Can I modify my Profile?

Yes, you can add, edit or delete your name at any time. You can edit, but not remove, certain information (like an email address) required for login and to use the Service, or your question and answer history or notes.

Can others see my Profile or the health information in it?

On GUIDED other members cannot see your Profile or the information in it. When using the Service information from your Profile and basic information about you (such as your real name and age) as well as your question history are visible to the experts answering your questions.


Is my profile secure?

Your account and Profile information are secure, encrypted, and password protected.

Personally Identifiable Information


What is Personally Identifiable Information?

Personally Identifiable Information is information (like your full name and email address) that identifies who you are.

How do you keep my Personally Identifiable Information private, safe, and secure?

We keep your Personally Identifiable Information private by not displaying it or sharing it without your consent, other than as previously stated in this policy. Other members can never see this information. We do not display this information on the Service, except inside of your Profile, which is visible only to you and our experts. We keep this information secure by using state of security measures listed in this policy.

Is Personally Identifiable Information visible on 1heart?

No. This information is only available to 1heart experts via our backend communication software. All Personally Identifiable Information is stored securely in your Profile, which is not visible to other users on the Service. Revealing personally identifiable information in content publicly visible on the Service (such as in public questions) is not permitted.

How do you use Personally Identifiable Information?

We will retain and use your Personally Identifiable Information to provide you with and notify you about our services, and as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes, and enforce our agreements.

Personal Questions

Are personal healthcare and mental healthcare questions permitted on 1heart?

Questions and answers on 1heart are for general education and information. Only, informational questions are permitted. For specific, personal health or mental health questions, always ask your own doctor or healthcare provider (1heart experts are not your personal doctor or healthcare provider, and their answers to questions are not personal or for personal use.)

Can I include Personally Identifiable Information in a question on 1heart?

Posting Personally Identifiable Information (such as a real name, phone number, or email address) is not permitted in content that is publicly visible on 1heart. Posting such information, about yourself or another person, is a violation of our Terms of Use. Do not include Personally Identifiable Information about you or anyone else in these questions or any other submissions that are publicly visible. 1heart reserves the right to remove or exclude such content. Personal information may be shared with doctors during Virtual Consults on 1heart Prime and Concierge.

Public Content

What is Public Content?

Some content on 1heart is publicly visible by logged in or logged out users (“Public Content”). Any information provided in Public Content might be read, collected, and used by others who access them.

May I include Personally Identifiable Information in Public Content?

No. Do not include Personally Identifiable Information (such as your name, email address, or phone number) in any Public Content posted to 1heart. 1heart cannot control how Public Content is seen or used. Contact our support team to request removal of such information.


Emails, Text Messages (SMS), Mobile Notifications

Will I ever receive Spam from 1heart or third parties?

No. We have a strict “No-Spam” policy. We do not share email addresses or other contact information with third parties without your permission.


What is my e-mail address used for?

Your email address is used to create, log into, and manage your account on 1heart. We use your email to provide you with notices about your account and our services.

Is my e-mail address and phone number kept private?

Yes. Your email address and phone number are not displayed and are never visible to other members or doctors. We keep your Personally Identifiable information safe and secure.

How do I change my contact information?

You can review and update your account information, in your account Profile on the GUIDED app.


What is a Notification?

A Notification is an electronic message in your GUIDED conversation, or a reminder or notice within the GUIDED app.


How do I know if I have a Notification?


You will see Notifications when you log into GUIDED. 1heart may send you email, SMS, or mobile push notices, providing you with account-related reminders or updates, or letting you know that you have a message on 1heart.


How do I change my Notification preferences?


You can manage the frequency and types of communications you receive by updating your notification settings in your profile.



What basic information is required to sign up?

To receive the full benefits of 1heart simply create an account. During registration, we ask for some basic information, such as your name and email address.


Why do you ask for my gender, location, or age?


We can best answer your questions by knowing a little bit about you including your age group, geography, and gender. This data helps us provide you with a personalized experience.


How do I deactivate my account?

Simply email us at with Deactive Account in the subject. You will receive an email confirming that your account has been deactivated. Please note: your public questions that have received answers will continue to appear anonymously on 1heart after account deactivation.


Information Use

How does 1heart use my personal information?

We use information collected through your use of GUIDED to provide you with information about our current or future services, to enable the services we provide, and otherwise as described in this Privacy Statement. This Privacy Statement describes the ways that we use or disclose your information. In support of these uses, we may use personal information to:

  • provide you with important information about the Service or 1heart, including updates and notifications

  • send you email, notifications, SMS or other communications

  • help you determine appropriate services relevant to you, your lifestyle, and your geographic location

  • help you find or connect with practitioners

Do you sell Personally Identifiable Information?

No. Your identity is safe with us and is not for sale. We do not sell Personally Identifiable Information.

What are aggregated information, statistics, and de-identified data, and how are they used?

Aggregated information is information from multiple members that is not associated with any individual user account; statistics are summaries of information, not associated with any individual user account; de-identified data does not include Personally Identifiable Information. Aggregated information and de-identified data and statistics are used to run and improve the services provided on or through 1heart. This information may also be used by us or provided to our partners for purposes of research and analysis.


Can I share information from 1heart social media?

Yes, you can share certain information from 1heart using sign-in services social media services such as Facebook and Twitter. Please consider any impact on your privacy and anonymity when posting content to public services. Content posted to these services will be governed by the respective privacy policies of those services.


How do you use cookies?

Like most online services, 1heart uses cookies. All browser cookies we use are encrypted. We use session ID cookies and persistent cookies to enable you to sign in and to help personalize 1heart for you. Using cookies simplifies the delivery of relevant content and allows you to retrieve information you previously provided making use of 1heart features easier. We link the information we store in session cookies to personally identifiable information you submit while on 1heart. You have the ability to accept or decline cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually modify your browser setting to decline some or all cookies if you prefer. If you choose to decline all cookies, you may not be able to use interactive features of 1heart or other websites that depend on cookies.

Third Parties

What is a Non-1heart Service Provider and what information does 1heart share with them?

1heart does not share your Personally Identifiable Information (for example, your real name or email address) with anyone without your consent.


Is Personally Identifiable Information Provided to Third Parties?


1heart or the Experts on GUIDED may provide you with information about external service providers (“External Service Providers”) that may be of interest or use to you. 1heart does not provide these External Service Providers with any Personally Identifiable Information about you, without your express consent.


Does this Privacy Statement control information I share with Non-1heart Providers?


No. This Privacy Statement does not apply to other service providers or links to other sites that are not owned or controlled by 1heart, and you should review the individual privacy policies and terms of service of these providers before using their services.


Contacting Us


How can I contact you?

You may reach us by contacting our support team via email or you may write to us at our most current address. Please see our website page for current information.

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