Learn the Essential Coaching Skills

To unlock your leadership potential

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TAKE THE NEXT STEP to becoming a great leader

This program is designed to unlock your best leadership by giving you the essential coaching skills needed to empower your team - especially in a remote work environment. This 4-session course is led by master, ICF-certified coaches that have led teams at companies ranging from high growth tech startups and Fortune 500 companies





"I barely have time to do my own work - how can I confidently manage the tasks of my team members as well?!"


"I end up doing things myself because I can't trust that things will get done how I expect them to."


"I feel misunderstood and my team doesn't understand my communications."


"I struggle to have difficult conversations because I'm afraid of the repercussions."


"I'm frustrated because my team does not have the same level of ownership as I do."

If this sounds familiar, don't worry - you're not alone. Our Essential Coaching Skills training is designed to give you the actionable tools to break through these barriers and move to the next level as a leader and manager.


As a leader, you'll often find your teams looking to you for answers - but when you act as a solution-database you exhaust your precious time & energy AND you rob your employees of opportunities to learn and exercise their creativity. This is what creates overwhelm for yourself and your team. When you are armed with essential coaching skills, you'll become a catalyst for employee development, business innovation and a results-oriented culture - all of that and you'll have time for lunch! 

The most effective leaders learn to be great coaches. And coaching is a skill that anyone can learn. It's time to transform your potential into the real leadership you desire, take control of your career, and generate the results you want. The first step is to be willing to develop not only yourself, but also those around you. While you have likely achieved great things by yourself, you only truly unlock your potential when you learn to unlock the skills and talents of those you are leading - achieving more together than you can alone. 

What is Essential Coaching Skills: Level 1? 

We know that as you grow in your career the responsibilities and to-do lists seem to grow faster than you can keep up with. The ability to delegate effectively and inspire passion will create the mutual trust you need in your team to do more with less of your effort - you will enable a high-performing team! 

This program was designed to give you hands-on, practical experience with powerful coaching skills that you can implement from day 1. We are here to guide you through the process and give you the support (and coaching) you need in a real-world, direct experience that you can apply to your role.


Are committed to unleashing your own talents and making others around you better


Want a quick-fix solution on how to become a leader

Are ready to do the work to level-up your leadership and embrace the discomfort that comes with it

Want to hide from what's really blocking you from growing as a leader

Willing to transform your potential into real skills that empower yourself and others

Are not willing to have challenging conversations 


"I’ve managed my team members & dealt with conflict better (almost no conflict).”

- Kunie Takizawa, Marketing Director

“I changed my mindset when it comes mentoring new hires within my team, reminding myself to take a step back & put myself in their shoes.”

- Elizabeth Curatolo, AI Success Manager

“I used to feel an overwhelming sense of impostor syndrome at work. Since working with Guided, I've identified the why behind what I was feeling. My biggest achievement is how I carry myself & the level of investment I feel within my team.”

- Mackenzie Clapper, Software Engineer

“I’m dealing with ambiguity better. Looking at things through a lens of security in my team & my contributions to the company. This has made me more confident & less stressed.

- Emily Webber, Data Scientist

I’ve become an active listener, asking better questions of employees.

- Caroline Fernandes, Data Scientist

My communication is more effective during 1x1s as I have improved the way I give feedback."

- Erik Lattimore, Sr. Software Engineer

I changed my mind about stressful situations. Instead, I’m thinking about them as possibilities to learn & new experiences, which is priceless."

- Christina Kobets, Recruiter


Natalie Hogan

Chief Admin Officer


“Guided is our secret weapon for people development. We are seeing tremendous growth with our people. After comparing several coaching services, the Guided platform is hands down the best value out there. I feel like they are a part of our family.”

Matt Harris

Co-Founder & CEO

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"Offering Guided is a no brainer for us and has been a huge part of our ability to scale rapidly. Rolling it out was easy and has had a big impact on employee productivity and happiness."


Claude Silver

Chief Heart Officer

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"Guided is the most personalized and impactful leadership development we can give our people. We ask our people to bring their whole selves to work, so we are committed to developing our people holistically."



Powerful Community: Our cohorts of 8 participants are custom matched to enable you to learn by practicing with a master coach facilitator. You will immediately practice your leadership skills w/ your cohort. 

Experiential Learning: Learning the frameworks of essential coaching skills is only the foundation - learning how to apply them by doing it in a facilitated group session will allow you to accelerate your learning. 

Applicable Coach Skills: Coaching is the most beneficial when you have an goal in mind. We'll start by create SMART goals that apply to your life so that  you can begin making progress towards making them a reality. 

Level 1



Intro Webinar

Level 1

Level 2

Basic framework for essential coaching skills

Advanced frameworks for essential coaching skills

Peer group experience to diversify and deepen experience

Facilitated sessions with master coach 

Live experience to practice and apply coach frameworks with feedback 

Personalized application to your role through goal setting and accountability

90-minute weekly sessions over 4 weeks

3-month advanced application of coaching framework

Logistics: The full program includes: four - 90-minute virtual workshops, over the course of one month - with small groups of up to 8 participants.  Prior to each workshop participants will be required to complete 30 minutes of prep work,  which allows live sessions to be focused on interactive discussions. After each workshop, participants will be prepared to implement their new skills immediately.

Program Dates: 90-minute virtual workshops will be at 10am PST / 1pm EST every Wednesday starting June 17 (June 17, June 24, July 1, July 8). 

Enrollment: Starts on May 6 and ends on June 10 at 12am EST. Sign up today! 



Can I join as an individual?

Yes, this program is designed for individuals and teams to join. Cohort will consist of groups of up to 8 participants and will be matched to ensure the best diversity of leadership to maximize your experience.

What makes this different and unique from other programs?

Guided consists of experienced, ICF-certified coaches that also have the business leadership experience in companies like yours! High-quality coaching is our forte and we are in the best position to guide you into your leadership. Our program also is centered around your unique skills, traits, and style and gives you a practice arena to develop your skills real-time with feedback not only from our excellent coach facilitators, but also peer-to-peer support.

Do I need to have any leadership responsibilites?

We believe that all employees are leaders, whether they are managers or not. Coaching skills are designed to help you excel as a leader in creating the experience you want in your career and life AND have an empowering impact with everyone you interact with.

How long will it take before I see results?

Each session is designed to give you a framework and EXPERIENTIAL practice to learn the essential coaching skills you need. You'll be able to immediate implement best practices from the first session and will continue to build on your foundation as a leader.