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Essential Coach Skills for Leaders

Learn the essential coaching skills that any leader can use to empower their team - especially in a remote environment!

In collaboration with Insight and Guided, we present you....

About this Webinar

As leaders, we often find our teams looking to us for answers - but when we act as a solution-database we exhaust our precious time & energy AND we rob our employees of opportunities to learn and exercise their creativity. When a leader is armed with essential coaching tools they become a catalyst for employee development, business innovation and a results oriented culture - all of that, and they have time for lunch!


This webinar will leave you equipped to:

  • Bring a Coach’s active listening and powerful questions to your one-on-ones with your direct reports (which is especially effective in a virtual environment)

  • Develop coaching questions and a presence that empowers your employees to step into their leadership

  • Practice deep listening that allows the highest-impact action to emerge (teams become more effective rather than just busy).


As a result, you’ll be able to save time and energy while increasing your team’s engagement and productivity. 


FACILITATOR BIO: Patrick Burlingham - Head of Coaching

Patrick previously led an Executive Coaching practice in New York City, advising and working with early-stage, venture capital-backed businesses in periods of rapid growth. He has held roles in HR executive roles at successful startups including Plated and BluePrintCleanse. His joyful and relationship-focused leadership style was shaped by his early career in both the management and creative sides of theatre production.

Patrick is a graduate of Accomplishment Coaching's ICF accredited training program. He is an avid traveler, marathoner and & Ironman triathlete.

About Guided

We believe every great leader needs a guide. Our scalable 1-1 and group leadership development platform is designed to unleash human potential and help people do their best work. Our innovative approach transfers coaching skills through 1-1 and group formats - helping organizations create developmental cultures of coaching.

We partner with organizations that are committed to people development and to raising the bar for leadership, engagement and the overall success of their employees. From start-ups to Fortune 500s, we are experts in developing leaders at every career milestone - from new managers to new parents!

About Insight

Insight — a Fellowship for top tier scientists, engineers, and data professionals — partners with organizations of all sizes to build and scale their tech teams for data science, machine learning, and engineering. They work closely with hiring managers and talent acquisition teams to understand their goals and challenges of finding top tier talent and match them with the best Fellows coming out of their programs. Their unique approach and rigorous admissions process exposes teams to more highly-qualified talent, saving them both money and time. With a community of over 3,000 alumni and 700+ partners across the U.S. and Canada, Insight prides itself on having a robust network of leaders in tech and is passionate about creating a space to bring the data community together.

Ready to Continue your Coach Skills Training?


This program is designed to unlock your best leadership by giving you the essential coaching skills needed to empower your team - especially in a remote work environment. This 4-session course is led by master, ICF-certified coaches that have led teams at companies ranging from high growth tech startups and Fortune 500 companies.

Be sure to sign up and enter coupon code WEBINAR400 exclusive for Insight Data Science alumni and partners to save $400. Registration closes May 28th.

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